1. Registration is Absolutely Free, but you need to activate your User ID before 48 hours, Otherwise it will be Auto Block.
2. If anyone unless activate self user ID, they will not be able to get benefits from Downline and Team activities (After Team Growth).
3. If anyone unless Add Direct Sponsor, than they will not be able to get benefits from Downline (Team) activities (After Team Growth).
4. Once e-Pin was sold OR User ID activated, it will cannot be Returned / Refund to any of the situations.
5. You can Add Unlimited Self User ID (Same Name, Mobile & Bank Details).
6. Members can send Withdrawal Request 10 am. to 7 pm.
7. Minimum Withdrawal INR 300/- only.
8. Payments will be released Frome Monday.
9. Withdrawal request will be clear within 72 hours (Excluding Bank Holiday).
10. Admin Charge: 15% & Payment Gateway Charge: 5% will be charged from Withdrawal Income.
11. 25% Wallet Balance can be used for e-Pin purchase and there will be charge deduct as an Admin Charge.
12. We will not be responsible for Payments or Delay in Payments in case of wrong details update of your Bank / UPI / Paytm.
13. Profile (Name & Mobile No.) and Bank details once filled & updated cannot be modified by you. There is an Admin Charge of Rs. 50/- for correction which is deducted from your wallet.
14. Auto filled (Single Leg) Closing will get One by One and Calculation Closing Time 11:59 pm to 12:10 am on everyday and it will be Appear in you Wallet Balance after closing.
15. Company will reserve the Right to Modify the Terms and Conditions, Business Plans, Business Policies any time without any prior notice and it will binds for all the Members.

I have read and understand all above content, terms and conditions and agreed to abide the same. I further affirm that terms and condition imposed by the company here in after shall be binding on me and i shall abide the same without any excuse.